Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rapunzel Concept Art

 I have been obsessed with concept art recently...well, ever since I saw Tangled, which I suppose wasn't recently.  However, I wanted to share my obsession so you can see what has captured my heart.  Also, so you can see why I want The Art of Tangled so much!
So, here is some of the concept art for the tower:
 And then the forest:
And the castle:
 The town:
And finally, Rapunzel herself:


  1. It is SO beautiful!! I can't wait to see this. . .


  2. I've ordered "The Art of Tangled" and can't wait to get it!!! Her hair is so gorgeous. I'll probably do a post on it, too (the art, not the hair, although that is an interesting post idea...) :)

  3. Oh I know! I'm excited too! I have it on my wish list, so some day I'll get it. Hopefully soon! :) Tell me how you like it!!

  4. I loved this movie!!! As you know...duh :)

  5. like this movie's concept and environment❤


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