Friday, May 28, 2010

The Lady and the Lion

This is by far one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen! I added it to my wish list on Amazon today. I found it at the library years ago, but at that time, I wasn't really collecting books. So now I'm going to add it to my ever growing collection. If you've ever read the Inkheart series, you'll know what it means when I have a feeling my home is going to end up like Elinor's. Anyway, this breathtaking book is an adaptation of the Grimm fairytale and it is by Laurel Long (who also illustrated it) and Jacqueline K. Ogburn. The fairytale itself is very like Beauty and the Beast, which may be why I love it so much. These are just a few of the amazing illustrations.

A New Book!

One of my many bookshelves; the books stacked on the right are L. M. Montgomery paperbacks. I had to put them horizontally on top of my Anne of Green Gables series because I ran out of room. Ah, the joys of collecting!

Yesterday I had an exciting surprise. I came upstairs to hear my father announcing that a large package had arrived for me and that it was a book! I discovered that it was the Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. I had completely forgotten that I had ordered it. It is a beautiful copy with red binding and lovely illustrations by one of my favourite artists; Arthur Rackham.

It is published by Wordsworth Library Collection, and I purchased it online at This is the cover.

The binding.

The frontspiece.

The title page.

A beautiful castle by Arthur Rackham in the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.

This is at the end of the Cinderella fairytale. The caption reads, "He took Cinderella on his horse and rode away with her." Sigh. How perfect!

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