About Me

My favourite place is a room lined with books.  Therefore, that is what you will find when you look at my blog; it is virtually crammed with books!  I am a lone Inkling, forever scribbling on any available writing surface.  My room is (surprise, surprise) inhabited by over 200 books, an ever growing collection.  My vocation is in the library department.  And if by now you're getting the feeling that I am a book fanatic, you hit the nail right on the head.
Being homeschooled during my entire school experience, I was able to frantically finish school and then read in my spare time.  Consequently, I am forever grateful to my parents for teaching me patiently and lovingly themselves, cultivating my love of literature along the way.  They gave me the most precious gifts I have: the ability to read, the love of literature, and a passion for books.
Also, a huge part of my life is that I am Christian: an Orthodox Christian.  You may or may not have heard of that, but if you look up http://www.orthodoxinfo.com you may learn something new. You never know.
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