Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Just a note to say, yes, I'm still alive!  I have recently been bombarded with assignments and homework, so my life is limited.

I have been having a ball on Tumblr, however.  It is very addictive.

As to what has been happening recently; I went on site-visits for my library course and was able to see some libraries that are not open to the public, one of which in particular was beautiful...but I can't say where it was for security reasons.  I felt very important, going through doors that had gold plaques saying "No Public Admittance"!

I have discovered some TV shows that I have grown quite attached to, although I am normally not one to like TV.  Doctor Who being one, Robin Hood BBC being the other.  There are (of course) some aspects of them that don't quite sit right - Robin Hood is mainly wonderful, but as I was watching Doctor Who (Doctor Nine Season) some things came up that I was very unhappy about.  Ah well.  I take it with a pinch of good sense.

The weather out here has been warming up, and my spirits seem to be escalating as the end of the semester is in sight!  I somehow know I'll be able to see all this craziness through!

I have been reading when and wherever I can, although I have not had time to blog my findings on my other blog, The Perfect Book.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up when I have some free time!

I also hope to learn to play this on my piano during the summer:

It's such a happy ragtime!

Also, I have plans to read The Enchanted April for April. It's such a lovely book!

Well, that's all for now!  If I don't have time to write more later, I'll be thinking of you!
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