Friday, June 28, 2013

The Road Goes Ever On and On

Has it really been a year since my last post?  I have neglected this poor blog for far too long, and it is now time to start up again as I turn the page and start a new chapter in my life.  This past year has been a magical, wonderful whirlwind of life changes.

In April last year, I started courting a wonderful man, to whom I am now married.  He is absolutely amazing and we are going to have so many exciting adventures together.  The first one will be moving across my home country to live near the university he will be attending for five years for a PhD program.

I decided that since I am almost finished my degree, I will have much more time on my hands and what better way to spend that time than chronicling our adventures?

So I will be more faithfully updating and writing.  I'm hoping to start writing properly again.  I have neglected writing for so long that I find I am sounding choppy and unpolished.  I know if I practice it will become better, but I'm really bad at making time.  Hopefully blogging again will be a step towards a book sometime.

As Tolkien has written in a very famous book; "The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began."
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