Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Top Ten Favourite Books - #2

Having been completely fascinated by this story since childhood, Peter Pan has to make the top of my list.  I am still unsure whether I should have put this first, before The Blue Castle, but 'what's done is done'.
As you know, I am one of those people who have grown up believing in fairies and romanticizing everything, so Peter Pan is a perfect fit.  It has pirates and mermaids, Indians and fairies, but best of all, it has Peter.  Ever since this impish little boy entered the world of fictional literature, he truly has become eternally young.
I believe that J. M. Barrie was a genius.  In his sweet little book he has hidden so many truths about children and growing up that to find them all you have to re-read it many times.  For example, haven't you always suspected that when you were little your mother tidied your mind while you were asleep?  Or that the nightlight was watching over you when she wasn't there?
The humour and truthfulness of the tale caught me after the adventure, excitement, and the romance of the idea of Neverland did.  I bought the version that was illustrated by Scott Gustafson, who is one of my favourite illustrators.  It took him four years to complete and there are over fifty breathtakingly beautiful oil paintings in it as a result.  He captured the essence of Neverland perfectly.
Peter Pan featured in most of my dreams as a child and we had many merry romps in Neverland together.  Unfortunately, now I have grown up and cannot fly anymore, but I will treasure the memories forever.  I can even relive them by opening the front cover of Peter Pan and stepping back into J. M. Barrie's world.
I can't say enough about it, but I don't want to gush, so I'll leave it there.  Please, if you have never read the original version, read it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Blog Party!

I stumbled across this -

- and I couldn't resist.
So here goes!
What are two songs that describe you?  Songs?  None really...but I think you might capture my hopeless romanticism in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.
What do you most fear? Evil.

What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe?
Cerulean blue.  And turquoise.

How do you normally do you hair?
It's curly, so sometimes I'll clip half of it back, or I'll sweep it up into a messy bun, but sometimes (when it's tame enough) I can leave it down.

Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies? 
I would say milkshakes, but I rarely have them.
Do you like the color pink? I didn't used to very much, but now I'm warming to it.  I love soft pinks.

What is your favorite flower?
A rose.  There is something so magical, sweet and romantic about a rose.

How many states have you been to?
Errm...well I've been to two, but I've driven through twelve.  That's actually pretty good for a Canadian.
What is your favorite thing about June?
The flowers and the sun.  We don`t get much of the latter where I live, so when it comes, I'm always excited.
Describe your "dream wedding location."
  In a white church with a bell that isn't too big and has enough room for all my family and friends.

Lovely Discovery (and New Favourite Book)