Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was just thinking about fairytales and wondering what life would be like without them. Can you imagine a place without that ever present background magic that comes from growing up reading fairytales? I grew up surrounded by books crammed full of them; they were alive to me. If I opened one up, I could almost see the fairies dancing through the pages as I read my way through the adventures and romances. People say that believing in fairies is only for children, but I don't think so...it really depends on how you define 'fairies.' To me fairies could be angels leaving little miracles where I need them most. So yes, I do believe in fairies. Fairytales are full of lessons to be learnt; for example Beauty and the Beast (my personal favourite) is about learning to love someone for who they are instead of how they look. I will never outgrow fairytales, and one of my favourite daydreams is imagining telling them to my own children someday. Wouldn't that be beautiful?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stop to Wonder

Have you ever stopped at some point in your busy life just to look around you? So many people rush through life and miss all the tiny beautiful things by the wayside. Life can surround us with so many distractions: computers, cell phones, TV, iPods, etc, that we forget about the beauty just a glance away. Think about the colours of a butterfly's wings. They are so different they would clash if we tried to wear the same ones, but they blend so beautifully on the insect's wings that it takes your breath away. Or the stars in the velvety night sky. It is impossible to count them or capture their brilliance in anything. Even a diamond looks dull next to a star. People who are glued to their electronic devices can never really know the wonder of just how entrancing these luminous lights are. So if you are feeling stressed or sad, just take a moment to breathe and look around you. The loveliness of earth was created for you; you'll never be too busy to notice and let it amaze you.
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