Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fairytale Tidbits

 As you probably know, I love fairytales.  So I wanted to do a fairytale post!  I do a lot of fairytale reading and looking at fairytale art and watching fairytale movies; you get the idea.  I wanted to share some of my findings.
Firstly, I have discovered a website that has a few of the different versions of Beauty and the Beast (my favourite fairytale) that are available.  The link is below the stained glass window picture I found.
 Another of my favourite fairytales is The Little Mermaid, written by Hans Christian Anderson.  It is so beautiful.  I was on Etsy, and I found a really beautiful necklace: Silver Mermaid Locket.  Needless to say, it immediately went on my wish list.  I love things that have meaning to me that I can wear.  My own fairytale fashion statement!
 I think the things I like most about these two fairytales is that the heroines are so selfless and loving that they are willing to give themselves for love; Belle to save her father, and the little mermaid trades her life for that of the prince she loves.  I really admire their sweetness and goodness and overall loveliness.  They are true princesses.  Did I ever mention it is my goal to be a true princess?  Hence the picture on my journal...I forgot to mention the significance of that.


  1. You'd never believe it, but Beauty and the Beast is my favourite fairytale, too!

    It's been years since I read The Little Mermaid - I mostly just remember it being very sad! I should try reading it again sometime. I've read a few other Hans Christian Anderson fairytales recently, and really enjoyed them.

    That stained glass window is gorgeous!

    Oh, BTW - I was reading a couple of fairytales the other day (Beauty and the Beast and Rumpelstiltskin) and one thing that struck was what jerks both of the heroines' fathers were! Is this a trend in fairytales? I should investigate. . .

  2. From now on, I think I'm just going to automatically assume that we agree on everything(except about Timothy Dalton lol)!

    The Little Mermaid is my favourite of his! It's so bittersweet and beautiful. It does have a happier ending than if she really did die. I thought it was so wonderful that she sacrificed herself for love. So sweet and romantic! She is someone that I could look up to.

    I've noticed that too! At least one of the family members in most fairytales are unkind! (Fathers, stepmothers, sisters, stepsisters...etc.) Although the version I read of Beauty and the Beast, her father really didn't have a choice; so I think he was more a victim of circumstances than cruel.


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