Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Top Ten Favourite Books - #1

I borrowed this idea from Elise at Ribbons of Light and tweaked it a bit. :)  I'm a little scared to start, actually!  I love so many books.  I'm sure I'll regret picking one and wish I'd said a different one, or read a new book which becomes an instant favourite.  Well, despite the obstacles, here I go.  I'm afraid I'll have to start at the top.  I just can't do it any other way!

So, (as you can see), my number one favourite is The Blue Castle, by L. M. Montgomery.  I've only been able to narrow it down because I finally decided that L. M. Montgomery was my very favourite author (we could have been bosom friends, I just know it) and The Blue Castle is my favourite of her books.  Strange, isn't it?  It's not one of her well known ones, but I think it deserves to be.  Much as I love Anne and Emily and all her others, this one in particular resonates with me.

It's the story of Valancy, a poor young woman who is on the verge of spinsterhood.  She wouldn't mind that so much if 1) at least someone had wanted her, once, and 2) her family didn't constantly remind her that she wasn't being courted and was very likely never to be.  Her mother is a very cold character, and it is doubtful that she feels any love toward her daughter.  The only comfort for plain little Valancy is her blue castle, a magical place she created, where she is stunningly beautiful and sought by many gallant knights.

Then, one day she learns something that overturns her little world and makes her realize that she has never really lived. She decides that she is going to and so throws away all of her timidness and shocks her family into realizing that little 'Doss' isn't as introverted or proper as they all thought her.

It was so funny, so sweet, and so moving, I laughed, cried, and smiled through my tears.  I was swept along through this beautiful little book and it touched my soul as no book had ever managed to before (yes, even the Jane Austen ones!).  I can relate to Valancy, because I tend to hold back things I want to say because I'm shy or just quiet.  I overthink things, and then when I've decided I'll say them, the moment has passed and the circle starts all over again.  I want to be brave like her and just say it and not be ashamed if I've said something a bit shocking (although, obviously, I would be sorry if I hurt someone's feelings).  I also have my little blue castle, which as you know, is more of a cottage and only has one gallant knight in it...who exactly I don't know yet!  He is noble and kind, I know that.)

I would put this on everyone's must-read list.  I just can't say enough about how wonderful it is.  I can't even express how much I love it!  So, if you haven't please read it for yourself and let me know what you thought of it. :)

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  1. I love books, they are magical and can indeed take you to, 'Far-away-places.' I loved Robin Hood, the King Arthur tales, Lord of the Rings, and books on Cornish Witchcraft. These have inspired me to take up art again, books have truly saved my life, Happy reading, my blessings.


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