Thursday, December 2, 2010


Last week, I went to see the new Disney princess in the theaters after months of waiting excitedly. I was not disappointed. I had one of the most enjoyable nights of my life. Tangled was funny, fun, adventurous, and sweet. The world it's set in is so colourful and warm! It's a treat for the eyes.
I had seen the trailers for it and knew that it was going to be better than The Princess and the Frog. Although I did like our new princess, Tiana, and enjoyed the overall story and humour, I didn't think that the voodoo aspect of the film was appropriate for children. If I had seen that at three years old, I would have jumped out of my skin.
Tangled was more than suitable for children, it was fantastic and fabulous! I revelled in the Alan Menken songs (I'm a huge Alan Menken fan, ever since I got the Beauty and the Beast CD). From the beginning, I felt a connection with Rapunzel, who is following her dream of seeing the floating lights, and with Flynn Rider, who is funny and endearing. Maximus, the horse, is very determined and resolved to do his duty, and Pascal is...well, you'll see.
I have to say, I was disappointed that it wasn't going to be a hand-drawn production, but after seeing it, they won me over. The design of the film was absolutely beautiful. It literally glowed. But my favourite scene had to be the floating lights. They slowly lit up one by one and rose into the dark sky, casting a golden glow over everything. It took my breath away.
I may not have mentioned this, but I get pretty involved in stories, so I did cry at the end. I have now seen it twice, and I highly recommend it for the whole family. You will laugh, guaranteed, and you may cry. But you will want to watch it again.

Pascal, the chameleon (not frog) who is Rapunzel's little friend, playing hide and seek.

Rapunzel: this picture conveys her character perfectly.

And I think we can say the same for Flynn here.

Maximus and Rapunzel.

The floating light scene. My very, very favourite.

I really want to sketch some of these wonderful characters over the holidays. I have been so busy with school, there hasn't been any time for anything. In fact, I am stealing time now! I'd better get back to studying. But this was such a nice break! Please, take my advice and go see Tangled! You'll love it if you love Disney.

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