Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rainy Day

After almost a whole week of driving, a week of settling in, a week of work, a weekend of visiting with family and friends, and another week of work, the internet finally works.

I never thought it would take so much calling and being stood up by technicians and confusing interactions with internet providers, but we do finally have functioning internet, so here I am typing an update on our presently hectic lives.

My husband is finally able to get all the information he needs to do his work, and I can finally contact my lovely family and friends.  Thank God for internet that works.

Okay.  Rant over.

Today it was raining and I went to the library; a very cosy mix.  I used my umbrella for the first time since moving out here and rejoiced in the sound of the rain pattering on it as I splashed through the puddles in my black fall boots.  The rain reminds me of home, so though I grumble on the outside sometimes, I absolutely love it.  I picked up a piano book of Tchaikovsky (our landlords have offered me the use of their piano whenever I wish and I feel as joyful as Beth must have when Mr. Lawrence gave her the use of his), and a whole mess of dvds to watch whilst I knit my projects.

I have discovered a post box not far from our little home; I can walk there in fifteen minutes.  That has also contributed to my current good mood.  I look forward to popping my letters in it and knowing they will wiz across the continent, even across the sea, to the people I love.

So far, today is a very good day.

Now I am going to have some delicious tea a lovely new friend gave me.  It even came in an owl tin.  Yes, there is such a thing as perfection!

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