Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring is Here!

 Our Gorse bush in the front has started to bloom.  I took a branch and added it to my pussywillow that I had discovered on a lovely long walk last week.  They are now leaning on my polar bear that I have stationed on the top of my desk.  He's my little tribute to one of my favourite fairytales; East O' the Sun, West O' the Moon.
 Isn't he sweet?  He looks like he's sparkling with snow!
 This is our kitty enjoying a semi-sunny afternoon, perched high up on our stairs out the back.  I love the way she squints her eyes and looks like she's smiling.  That's her contented expression and it's usually accompanied by a soft purr.  Have I mentioned I love cats?  Her name is Cinder, by the way (kind of like Cinderella :) ) but we always call her Kitty.
 Some happy pansies Mum has in our kitchen.
 These flowers are really neat.  They grow on a bush out in our front garden and they look like little white fairy bells.  When I was little I tried to see if they rang by gently shaking them.  If they did, I couldn't hear them.
And this is my little sister's harp.  She plays it very well and I love to hear its beautiful melodies.  There's something truly lovely about a harp.

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