Monday, June 21, 2010

Sublime Knit Patterns

Knitting is one of my favourite past times, so when I discovered this book, The Even More Gorgeous Sublime Kid Mohair Book, I almost fell over my feet in my haste to buy it. The patterns are so fairy-like and beautiful I couldn't resist. I started on my favourite first, a pattern called Titania, after the Queen of the Fairies; it is breathtaking! I used thin grey Merino wool and it ended looking like I had woven it out of cobwebs. I loved the effect, but it took me many long hours. The pattern is quite complicated; I had to restart over 20 times! But perseverance is rewarding, and now I have a lovely sweater. This is the picture from the book:

Then I wanted to do another sweater and found this frothy cardigan. It is called Ophelia...apparently whoever was in charge of naming the patterns was a lover of Shakespeare. I knit this one in light green baby wool; I wanted it to be blue, but I couldn't find any.

However, the green looks wonderful. It is by far one of my favourites and I get a lot of hugs when I wear it because it is so cuddly. I don't know about the other Sublime patterns, but this book will not disappoint. I love to feel pretty and sweet cardigans like this are just the trick for soft and fairyish.

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