Saturday, June 12, 2010

Frosted Rose Petals

I woke up this morning to discover to my delight that it was going to be a sunny day! The birds were singing outside my window, the dew on the grass sparkled like tiny stars, and the sun had come up beaming with happiness; it was going to be a good day. I decided to make the frosted rose petals from 'The Fever and the Flame' because you are supposed to leave them out in the sun for part of the time, and it was the perfect weather for it.
First, I collected two roses and rinsed the petals; my last encounter with earwigs in roses was not pleasant, although, thank goodness, I did not get pinched. Then I cut off the white at the base of each petal,

dipped them in rose water,
and layed them out on a baking sheet that I had lined with parchment paper.

Next, I left them in the sun to dry.
However, the Wind Woman must have been bored and decided she wanted a bit of fun; she played with the corners of the paper, lifting them up and making my perfectly placed petals tumble around. So I weighted the paper with stones.
Then, once they were dry, I sifted icing sugar over them and left them for two hours.

After two hours, I turned them over and sugared the other side, repeating the 2 hour then flip process until each petal had dried to a crisp. Then I put them carefully into a white box with pink and white tissue paper :)
and tied it closed with a pink ribbon.
I tasted one, and it wasn't as sweet as I had been expecting, but it was a really enjoyable experiment, and I had the time of my life making everything pretty. I just love the look of the white box with pink ribbon!

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