Monday, October 31, 2011

My Top Ten Favourite Books #3

Little Women has been a treasured classic for many girls ever since it was first published, and I am one of them.  Not only because I can relate to it so well, but also because there are so many good things to learn from it.
I see similarities between myself and all of the March sisters; I am artistic and slightly vain like Amy (I also wish my nose was smaller), I write and secretly hope for adventure like Jo, but I also want a home with children like Meg, and I can play the piano but can only hope I am half as good as dear little Beth.  Thank goodness my mum is as kind and loving as Marmee.
I live in a family of four (although two of them are brothers, not sisters) and it really is like that - everyone is different, but everyone has the same inside jokes and lovely memories.  We even had our own newspaper once, just like the Marches.  (I was writer and editor, but at least everyone read it...)
There is so much good in this 'little book'!  I think it should be on everyone's must - read list.
I loved being a part of the March girls' lives; play acting, laughing with Laurie, writing tragic romances, struggling to be good, but most of all realizing the importance of family and friends.
I laughed and cried my way through it and will never tire of re-reading it.  I think that's what makes a book really special; it's so good you will always want to read it again.
Suffice to say that Louisa May Alcott wrote this book from her heart, and it shows.  There is so much heart in Little Women that it overflows into the reader and leaves you feeling as if you've found another place to call home.

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