Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Tale of Despereaux

This book is one of my favourites; I discovered it a couple of years ago. I found it hard to get into, but once I did, I loved it. It's about a tiny mouse with big ears and an even bigger heart who finds himself in the middle of an unexpected adventure where he has to save a beautiful princess. He is such an adorable little mouse you can't help sympathizing with him. If I could write something like this, I would die happy!
My favourite quote of all from the book is this one; his sister is trying to teach him how to eat a book like a proper mouse.

"Eat," said Merlot.
"I couldn't possibly," said Despereaux, backing away from the book.
"Um," said Despereaux. "It would ruin the story."

Priceless. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking for a story with princesses, kings, soup, and tiny mice with big hearts.

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